Collection: Film

Long-Roll film stocks available from Mercury Works.

Our specially spooled 65mm film (the same used by the film industry for IMAX) is ready to load and shoot in 70mm film backs, available for large format cameras, Mercury cameras, Hasselblad V, Mamiya RB67, Mamiya RZ67, Mamiya Press, Pentax 645, and Bronica 645.

Be sure to pick up the 65mm spools you need, as well as any other accessories, on our 65/70mm gear page.

For more information about camera compatibility, instructions, videos, etc., see our dedicated site.

All of our film products ship in metal containers and are well protected from X-rays.  This is especially important for international shipments.  Additionally, we ship with official labels that indicate that the contents is film, and not to expose to light, X-rays, or CT Scanners. Thanks to these precautions, we have never had film damaged in transit.

Please note that we can not accept returns on film and chemical products. Any defective product will be replaced.