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Ilford HP5+ 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 ("2x3") sheet film - 25 sheets (ULF)

Ilford HP5+ 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 ("2x3") sheet film - 25 sheets (ULF)

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Legendary HP5+, in 2x3" sheet format, straight from Ilford as part of their ULF program.

This is 2x3 or 6x9 sheet film, ready to load in medium format sheet film holders for use in any 6x9 view camera, Mercury Universal medium format cameras, the RB67, etc.

Compatible with the Mercury Universal, Horseman VH series, Century Graphic, Baby Graphic, RB67, and many more.  Even if you ordinarily shoot with a rollfilm back, it can be very handy to carry a holder with some HP5+ in case a special shot comes up that you wish to shoot in a different film format (BW vs. color) or different speed (to push or pull a particular shot, in needs to be in sheet film format).

We also offer a special version sheet film holder for this format that is Graflok mountable instead of requiring a spring back or rubber bands.  We recommend this for RB67 and Mercury Universal use.

This is a special, once-per-year Ilford ULF order that we place with them as their authorized dealer.  It will be shipped after Ilford manufactures this batch and we receive it from them; probably around the beginning of November.

Due to minimum and multiple global order restrictions, there is no guarantee that Ilford will manufacture this item this year.  If they cancel your order, we will of course refund you.  Otherwise, we cannot cancel an order once it has been submitted to Ilford.

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