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Mercury Cine Color 50 - 65mm film

Mercury Cine Color 50 - 65mm film

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The finest-grained camera film ever invented!

This is fresh film stock, designed for IMAX and other very high-end film productions.  Sealed in a vintage/used 70mm can that will show signs of wear (such as dents, tape residue, and minor rust spots), but will be fully functional.

Supplied on a custom spool that matches the form factor of Kodak's classic 70mm bulk spool and is compatible with the Alden 70mm daylight bulk loader, the Mercury 65/70mm Bulk Loader, and likely any other bulk loader ever created.

This film can be processed at home with our developing kit or by M-Alchemy.

Available in 50ft (15m) and 100ft (30m) lengths.  See option above.

A 100ft roll is equivalent to 36 rolls of 120 film!  50ft = 18 rolls.

For complete information on camera compatibility, including instructional videos, see

The film contained in this product is respooled Kodak Vision3 250D Color Negative Film 5207.  Our respooled product is not manufactured by, approved by, or endorsed by
Eastman Kodak Company.

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