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Mercury Murnau 100 - 70mm Film

Mercury Murnau 100 - 70mm Film

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We are excited to announce a new, experimental 70mm (unperforated) film: Mercury Murnau 100. This is an extremely fine grained, high-resolving BW film with a smooth tonal gradation and extended infrared range. It is brand new, fresh film, never before released in 70mm format.

This comes in 50ft or 100ft cans, on original Kodak spools, sealed in Kodak metal cans. These bulk rolls are ready to be loaded into the Mercury 65/70mm Bulk Loader for easy rolling into 70mm cassettes.

This unperforated film is suitable for any 70mm back that can accept unperforated film (which includes almost all 70mm backs), as well as for rolling into 116 and 616 formats.

Note: This is an aerial film stock and thus has a thin base. Care must be taken when handling; the film can be scratched and damaged easily.

Developing: Use times for Aviphot 80.

This is an experimental batch of film. We’re not sure if there will be future batches or not. Let us know what you think!

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