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Ilford HP5+ 70mm (50ft)

Ilford HP5+ 70mm (50ft)

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Legendary HP5+, in 70mm, straight from Ilford as part of their ULF program.

Available in both perforated and unperforated (recommended) and perforated versions.

Exclusively from Mercury Works: We give you the choice of receiving this in the standard Ilford box (pictured here), with no core or spool (it is just a roll of film rolled and taped) or repackaged far more securely on a 70mm bulk spool, in a 70mm metal can.  This allows it to be loaded far easier via the Mercury Bulk Loader or vintage bulk loaders.  The metal can offers far better protection from damage, moisture, and X-rays.  Note: When we re-package the film, we do not need to re-spool it, so your film is not unrolled.

This is a special, once-per-year Ilford ULF order that we place with them as their authorized dealer.  It will be shipped after Ilford manufactures this batch and we receive it from them; probably around the beginning of November.

Due to minimum and multiple global order restrictions, there is no guarantee that Ilford will manufacture this item this year.  If they cancel your order, we will of course refund you.  Otherwise, we cannot cancel an order once it has been submitted to Ilford.

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