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Mercury Universal 4x5 Camera

Mercury Universal 4x5 Camera

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This amazingly versatile large format 4x5 camera accepts standard Graflok/International backs and is compatible with most large format lenses in existence.

The number of options for this camera are too vast to represent in any store.  You can configure some basic options here, but after placing your order please contact us to let us know about the exact lenses you wish to use, any other special needs, etc., so we can add the correct notes to your order, and add any further modules you may want or need.

We highly recommend that you read the Mercury Universal User Guide to understand your options with this system before ordering or contacting us.

We strongly recommend that you include the Mercury QR Foot with all versions of this camera. You will most likely also want a 4x5 Ground Glass Back.

When ordering a View Lens version of the camera, you will need to add one or more View Lens Kits to your order as well.

One of the great advantages of this camera is that it is fully compatible with all Graflok 45 backs, of any brand, as well as Mercury exclusive backs such as our Polaroid 600 back, 65/70mm Panoramic back, and 65mm cut film holders.

No lens or back is included with this camera.  The grip, on all versions except the Front Rise version, is included.

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