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Polaroid 600 Back for 4x5 cameras

Polaroid 600 Back for 4x5 cameras

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Matching Ground Glass Back

Now you can shoot gorgeous Polaroid film with its amazing colors, black and white option, and iconic big square format, on a professional camera with lenses of your choice! At Mercury Works we love Instax, but have to admit that it pales in comparison to the latest Polaroid film when it comes to color and iconic format.

You can shoot with new Polaroid film, vintage Polaroid film, or the older Impossible Project film, in color or black and white.  You can use both standard film packs and i-Type film (which is less expensive because it doesn’t incorporate a battery into the film pack). The Polaroid back itself contains a rechargeable battery, which you can recharge from any USB power source with the included cable.

This back will mount on any large format camera using the International/Graflok 45 mounting standard, including Mercury, Graflex, many Toyo, Cambo, Wista, Linhof, etc. The back has a darkslide system built in so you can remove it or change lenses at any time.

This back shifts the film plane back 40mm.  For Mercury Camera configurations, this is RS-40 (i.e., you will need to remove 40mm of spacing).  To focus accurately on a bellows camera you can add a set of infinity stops 40mm back from your existing ones and adjust your front standard back to those after focusing, or you can add our custom ground glass back.  If your camera has a coupled rangefinder, it will still work accurately.

Our matching ground glass back gives you perfect framing and focus matched to this Polaroid back. When you purchase below, you can select whether or not you want us to include the ground glass back.

Our standard version of this back includes an integrated rechargeable battery.  We also have a more expensive version that utilizes 4X AA batteries and manual ejection control: you must hold a button until your film has fully ejected.  This version costs more because it requires extra parts and a great deal of extra labor to construct, but some folks prefer not to rely on a rechargeable battery. This version is depicted in the final product photo.

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