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Medium Format Sheet Film Holder- Custom Graflok Mountable (2x3) (6x9)

Medium Format Sheet Film Holder- Custom Graflok Mountable (2x3) (6x9)

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Vintage 2x3" (6x9) medium format sheet film holder (wood/metal) that has been machined to be Graflok mountable.

This can mount on the following cameras without need of a spring back:

  • Mercury Universal medium format cameras
  • Mamiya RB67
  • Century Graphic
  • Baby Graphic
  • Horseman VH series
  • Mamiya Press (via G adapter)
  • many others

Even if you ordinarily shoot with a rollfilm back, it can be very handy to carry a holder with some HP5+ in case a special shot comes up that you wish to shoot in a different film format (BW vs. color) or different speed (to push or pull a particular shot, in needs to be in sheet film format).

This is also the thinnest, lightest film back possible for medium format cameras, and very fun to shoot with!

Ilford makes both HP5+ and FP4+ in this format during their ULF program, available right here from us.

Camera not included.  Shown in images for illustrative purposes only.

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