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Stereo 12 Lensboard Shell - Front

Stereo 12 Lensboard Shell - Front

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Bolts for on-camera mounting
Bolts for mounting to Rear Shell

Use this to protect your lensboard during storage and travel. The Lensboard Shell can be be used on-camera with lensboard mounted, or as a complete form of protection for a detached lensboard. We make two models: one for all size 0 lensboards (most of our lensboards, including Mamiya TLR), and one for all size 00 lensboards. The 00 front shell is compatible with standard base and 57mm base lensboards.

When used on-camera to protect a lensboard that is currently mounted, you need two front bolts that are at least 25mm longer than the bolts you are currently using. In practical terms, if you are using gray bolts, you’ll likely need red. If you’re using black bolts, you’ll likely need dark blue. (For the list of all bolts, with their lengths and colors, see the “Full Lens Info” spreadsheet downloadable from, which contains a “Bolts” sheet devoted to this info.

To use this on a standalone lensboard, you need a Rear Shell (sized appropriately for your lens) as well as at least two standard bolts: black bolts for all 0-sized lensboard, and gray bolts for 00-sized lensboards.

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