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Lensboard Shell - Rear

Lensboard Shell - Rear

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This protective shell is used in tandem with a Front Shell to fully enclose a lensboard for storage or travel. We make Rear Shells in a variety of different depths to accommodate different lenses. See the main info sheet in the “Lens Info” spreadsheet for the minimum depth required for each lens. All of our Rear Shells are compatible with all of our Front Shells.

A Rear Shell is screwed together with a Front Shell with at least two standard front bolts (in opposite corners). The Copal 0 Front Shell requires black bolts to couple with any Rear Shell. The Compur 00 Front Shell requires gray bolts to couple with any Rear Shell.

This item includes the rear shell only; integration with the front shell and lensboards are shown here for illustrative purposes only.  The Front Shell and bolts can be found here.

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