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RB67 Custom 6x7 65/70mm Back

RB67 Custom 6x7 65/70mm Back

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This RB67 70mm back has been modified and upgraded to be all-perf and 65mm ready.

Unlike Mamiya's stock back, this can accept all forms of 65mm film and 70mm film (both perforated and unperforated).

The internal frame spacer works normally, but the back also contains a manual lever-stroke-based spacing system that will function in the event that 65mm film slips off the frame-counting wheel. This backup system ensures that you can run 65mm film through this without any worries.

We've also added a pencil-writable memo section on top of the back to note the film and ISO you have loaded.

This back works on all RB67 cameras, as well as all Mercury Universal cameras, the Mamiya Press (with G adapter), the RZ67 (with the G adapter), and others that use the Graflok 23 back mount.

When our limited supply of backs run out, this product will be discontinued.

See also our vacuum bulb attachment for this back!

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