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Mercury Stereo 12 Camera - Standard Kit

Mercury Stereo 12 Camera - Standard Kit

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The Mercury Stereo 12 is a Stereoscopic (3D) camera that shoots 120, 70mm, large format, and soon 65mm IMAX film.  It is fully modular and accepts many different lenses.  It uses a fully-electronic triggering system for near-perfect sync between lenses.  This is the most advanced camera ever invented by Mercury Works, and the most versatile 3D camera in the history of photography.

This package includes a fully assembled camera and one lensboard of your choice.  Choices include Copal 0, Seiko TLR, generic size 0 (covers Compur 0, Seiko 0, and Seiko SLV), and Compur 00. Extra lensboards are available here.

This kit also includes a basic ground glass back.  You will need to purchase or 3D print front spacers, and will need to add lenses and a film back.

For more information, including the full User Guide, see

If you plan to shoot often with a tripod and ground glass, you may want the Deluxe version of this camera kit.

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