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Mercury Stereo 12 Camera - Deluxe Kit

Mercury Stereo 12 Camera - Deluxe Kit

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The Mercury Stereo 12 is a Stereoscopic (3D) camera that shoots 120, 70mm, large format, and soon 65mm IMAX film.  It is fully modular and accepts many different lenses.  It uses a fully-electronic triggering system for near-perfect sync between lenses.  This is the most advanced camera ever invented by Mercury Works, and the most versatile 3D camera in the history of photography.

This package includes a fully assembled camera and one lensboard of your choice.  Choices include Copal 0, Seiko TLR, generic size 0 (covers Compur 0, Seiko 0, and Seiko SLV), and Compur 00. Extra lensboards are available here.

This kit also includes a deluxe ground glass back with an accessory rail mount system with a protective back cap and a hood, as well as a deluxe external trigger that mounts on top of the camera until ready to use.  You will need to purchase or 3D print front spacers, and will need to add lenses and a film back.

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