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Mercury 65/70mm Bulk Loader

Mercury 65/70mm Bulk Loader

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This loading base can be used to load a standard 70mm spool/cassette from any bulk roll of film.  It also accepts Mercury 65mm spools, for a universal solution.  It is designed to be exceptionally easy to use in the dark (it does require darkness).  Two takeup-side adapters are included so you can load directly to a spool (recommended) or onto a spool inside a cassette.

A set of feed-side adapters are included to accept standard Kodak spools as well as film that comes on less-common cores, as well as bulk film with no core.  It is thus compatible with every type of 70mm film we've encountered.

A comfortable rotating winder handle allows you to easily and rapidly spool as much film as you wish.  Acrylic bases and brass rods ensure friction-free spooling.

This Bulk Loader is a significant improvement over the Alden 70mm Daylight Loader, our previous solution, and all others we've seen.

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