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Mercury 65/70mm Panoramic Back (B-Stock)

Mercury 65/70mm Panoramic Back (B-Stock)

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(Note: This is a prototype back that we are selling at a discount.  It is a bit more "rough around the edges" than the final version and utilizes a different dark slide, but functions 100% the same as our release product. This is your chance to get one at a discount.  We have only one in stock.)

This is the ultimate 65mm and 70mm back!  It is the end point of years of experimentation, testing, and engineering.  It shoots nominal 6x12 panoramic shots (actual: 60mm x 112mm, like the famous Horseman 6x12 120 back).

This is a custom-machined and heavily modified Graflex RH50 70mm back.  Because of this, we have only 8 available.  We machine the original back to a different frame size, machine and then build out a new darkslide system with a brand new, solid brass darkslide, build up extended film guides, replace its decaying foam, take apart its advance mechanism, CLA it, give it a new frame counter, and add a loading diagram inside and advance instructions on the outside.

This back accepts all 70mm film (any perforation style) as well as centered 65mm film.  It is extremely robust and should last multiple lifetimes. It fits any camera with a Graflok 45 / International / Universal mount.

Besides shooting panoramas on a large format camera, it shoots medium format stereo pairs on the Mercury Stereo 12 camera.

As labeled on the back, simply advance 1.5 strokes between exposures. You will get about 32 exposures on a 13ft 65mm cassette and about 35 exposures on a 15ft 70mm cassette.

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