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65/70mm cut film light-tight box

65/70mm cut film light-tight box

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This box is designed to hold 6x12 cut strips of either 65mm or 70mm film.  It snaps closed tightly but is easy to open with bottom and side ridges.  It is completely light tight, made out of nearly unbreakable plastic.  This holds film cut in the dark using our 65mm or 70mm Cut Film Guide.  A pencil-erasable memo area on the front of the box allows you to easily label the contents.

Use this either to store up extra panoramic cut strips, ready to load into our cut film holders or Grafmatic septums, or to mail your exposed panoramic (or stereo) strips to M-Alchemy for processing.

Slots in the ends of the box enable you to tightly secure the box with either a thick rubber band or tape.

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