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65mm Cut Film Holder - Plastic

65mm Cut Film Holder - Plastic

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This is a modified 4x5 sheet film holder that accepts strips of 65mm film.  It enables you to shoot a full 60mm x 120mm panoramic image (or stereo image on a Mercury Stereo 12).  Like original 4x5 holders, each one can hold two strips of film: one on each side.

This is made from a high-quality, but vintage plastic sheet film holder such as a Lisco, Riteway, Regal, or Regal II.  It will show many signs of wear.

We have another version that includes Graflok grooves to mount on Graflok 45 cameras via Graflok sliders.  That version is only available for verified Mercury camera owners.

Use with this cutting guide for very fast loading in the dark.

We also highly recommend our light tight Cut Film Box, made specifically for these film strips (in order to cut a bunch at once and store them, to travel with them, or to send them in to M-Alchemy for processing).

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