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4x5 Ground Glass Back

4x5 Ground Glass Back

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We make several versions of Graflok 45 backs.  All mount directly on any camera that takes Graflok/International 45 backs, which includes all Mercury 4x5 cameras and most other modern 4x5 cameras from major manufacturers.

4×5 Limited Ground Glass Back:

This is our standard 4×5 ground glass back. It is great for focusing and composing. It covers the entire 4×5 image area except for a 5mm border around the image. This border is marked by a white frame on the back, so you can tell exactly where the image ends, even though you can’t see those last few millimeters. This contains indicator marks for 120 roll film (6x12 format).

Deluxe 4x5 Ground Glass Back:

This is just like our Limited Ground Glass Back except that it also possesses adjustable accessory rails and a bottom-side light ridge that slots into cameras for extra light protection and a more solid fit when mounted.

Deluxe GG Accessories are available for this version that mount directly on the accessory rails. It comes with two of them: a protective cover and a sun hood.  Separately, we also have an optical Magnifying Viewer that greatly aids critical adjustments in even the brightest light.


Toyo Ground Glass Back Frame:

This is a ground glass back that acts as a frame only. It accepts any sheet of ground glass designed for a Toyo 4×5 camera. It covers the entire image area for 4×5. If you need that entire image area, or want to use high-end glass or optical plastic, want to include a fresnel layer to brighten the image, etc., purchase one of these frames from Mercury Works and the Toyo-compatible glass elsewhere. Unlike our other offerings, this and the Graflex frame do not come with ground glass pre-installed.

Graflex Ground Glass Back Frame: This is just like the Toyo version except that it accepts a sheet of ground glass sized for any Graflex Pacemaker camera.

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