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Stereo Viewfinders

Stereo Viewfinders

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We offer several viewfinder options, to use when shooting without ground glass.  All mount on your camera's center cold shoe.

The 5S Viewfinder is a simple, non-optical (it doesn't contain a lens) and has interchangeable front plates for 75/80mm, 90mm, or 100/105mm lenses.  It was specially developed for medium format stereo and is natively square in aspect ratio.

The 65mm Budget Viewfinder is a small, inexpensive optical viewfinder for 65mm lenses.

The 55/65mm Deluxe Optical Viewfinder boasts a large, bright view and etched brightlines to aid in rapid framing.  The brightline frame indicates a 65mm field of view, while the full image area approximates a 55mm field of view.  This larger area can even be used for 47mm and 50mm lenses (though some final image won't be visible in the finder).  The aspect ratio of this finder is slightly landscape; your actual square frame will be an average of the vertical and horizontal frame shown here.  In practice, this matters little.  We believe that this viewfinder offers the best available balance between versatility, excellent optics, and compact size.

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