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Mercury Instax Wide Graflok 45 Back

Mercury Instax Wide Graflok 45 Back

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Matching Ground Glass Back?

Our Instax Wide Motorized Graflok 45 back is a standard Graflok back compatible with the International/Graflok standard. It can be mounted on a Mercury camera, or any other 4x5 camera that adheres to the standard. It is an RS-30 back, meaning that it places the film 30mm farther away than a standard Graflok back would. Thus it is only compatible with lenses that can be moved back 30mm. This various camera to camera, but this roughly corresponds to a 75mm or longer lens or longer on Mercury and most other cameras. This back is fully compatible with Mercury’s RS-0 4x5 back adapter. When used in this configuration, you only need to remove 30mm of front spacing from a lens stack for a given lens to work with this back.

Available with or without a matching ground glass back for precise composition and focusing.

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