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Mercury Immersive Parlorscope

Mercury Immersive Parlorscope

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This is the highest quality viewer available in the world of 3D image viewers.  It utilizes professional glass lenses of exceptional quality (60mm), a comfortable, ergonomic design (with individual eye focusing and adjustable interpupillary distance).  It comes in three versions: a slides-only version, a slides+digital, and a digital-only version.

The slides option can take slides up to medium format size and includes a large, high-end backlight that is extremely bright, has a CRI (color rendering index) greater than 95 for vibrant, accurate colors, has two diffusion plates for the most even and smooth possible backlight, and runs off of USB (plugged into an adapter, a power bank, a device, or our highly recommended Battery Handle), so no more batteries to deal with.  It has a universal carrier system with carriers for many different slide mounts (and we can make new ones if desired).

The digital option works with Sony Xperia Z5 Premium, Xperia XZ Premium, and Xperia 1 series phones with 4K screens for the highest quality digital stereo viewing possible today (and in the future).  The phone (which is not included) can be charged and connected to accessories without removing it from the viewer.  This viewer can be used to view still images as well as videos as significantly higher quality than with a VR headset. New phone trays can be designed for future compatibility.

The slides-only version is slightly more streamlined than the dual version in both appearance and use (slide carriers insert smoother and faster, with less need of guidance), in addition to being less expensive. It comes with a slide carrier for standard 80x130mm cardboard slide mounts (the industry standard).  Additional slide carriers are available for 3D World plastic slides, glass slides, and Realist (135) slides.

The Dual version comes both the standard slide carrier and a "plug tray" that is inserted into the phone slot when using slides.  It also includes a set of digital connectors/adaptors, and a specially programmed 2-key keyboard that is used to navigate stereo slideshows on Xperia devices.  However, given the array of options, this item does not include a phone carrier.  Please choose one or more phone carriers to purchase here.

Full documentation for this Parlorscope can be found in the Mercury Stereo User Guide, downloadable at the bottom of this page.

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