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Mercury 135 Long Roll Panoramic Back (last one)

Mercury 135 Long Roll Panoramic Back (last one)

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This back, machined and re-built from a vintage Graflok RH-50 back, can mount on the Mercury Stereo 12, Mercury Universal large format, and most 4x5 large format cameras.

It accepts standard 135 ("35mm") cassettes as well as bulk rolled film (up to 15ft/5M of film per load!).  On the Mercury Stereo 12 it produces a stereo pair of panoramic (long aspect ratio) images.  On a large format camera it produces a crazy 24mm x 113mm panoramic image!

The takeup spool supplied with this back can optionally be loaded into a 70mm cassette (not included) for complete daylight protection.  When shooting bulk film, the feed spool can also be optionally loaded into a 70mm cassette.

This is our single remaining back from our one-and-only batch.  No more of these are ever planned to be manufactured. This was our prototype back, and contains some imperfections and irregularities that could affect absolute film flatness.  However, the images we have taken with this back (including the stereo photos shown here) exhibit no problems.

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