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Machining Service: Stereo 12 shutter mounting

Machining Service: Stereo 12 shutter mounting

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This service includes all necessary modifications to a pair of shutters, including their mounting and mechanical connection to a Mercury Stereo lensboard.

This does not include the lensboard, the shutters, or any shutter testing or calibration.  We cannot fix a broken or inaccurate shutter, and suggest that you have these tested prior to going through the effort of modification and mounting.

Make sure that you have purchased a lensboard onto which we can mount your shutters!

After purchasing this service, please contact us for directions for shipping us your shutters.  Note that we greatly prefer that you ship us shutters without any lens elements screwed into them.  We are not responsible for any damage to included lens elements.

The shipping charge for this product covers the return of the completed lensboard assembly to you, including insurance.

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