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Machining Service: Da Yi 120 Back Upgrade

Machining Service: Da Yi 120 Back Upgrade

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This service upgrades your existing Da Yi 120 film back to reduce film pinching, enlarge the exposure aperture to 56mm x 120mm, construct a new metal darkslide with better light blocking ability, masking the extraneous (non-panoramic) film window and text, and add a 120 film box end holder to indicate what type of film is loaded.

This is an extensive modification that requires a complete teardown and rebuild of the back, including machining two of its main parts, machining a new darkslide, and other laser cutting and 3D printed parts manufacture and assembly.

This service does not include the Da Yi back; you must ship that to us (or order one and have it directly shipped to us).

After purchasing this service, please contact us for directions for shipping us your back.

The shipping charge for this product covers the return of the completed back to you, including insurance.

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