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Graflok Rear Protective Cap

Graflok Rear Protective Cap

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This is a simple rear cover for your Stereo 12, 4x5 camera, or 2x3 camera. It locks in place like any Graflok back, but is simply a protective cover. Use this when transporting or storing your camera without a back attached. It keeps the interior of your camera, as well as your lenses, protecting from dust, debris, and impacts.

The Graflok 45 version is compatible not just with the Stereo 12, but also with all large format cameras that accept Graflok 45 style backs. This includes the Mercury Stereo Pano body and the Mercury Universal 4x5.  This version contains a groove on the inside surface that you can optionally glue a ridge to if you want an even more secure fit: the ridge will lock into the right-side slot on on your camera.

The Graflok 23 version is compatible with Mercury Universal medium format cameras with Graflok 23 back, the Mamiya RB67, Graflex Century and Baby Graphics, and Horseman 6x9 cameras.

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