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Graflok 23 6x9 Ground Glass Back

Graflok 23 6x9 Ground Glass Back

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This ground glass back is made from vintage Kodak ground glass.  It mounts to any Graflok 23 camera, including all Mercury Universal medium format cameras, Horseman 6x9 cameras, Graflex Century and Baby Graphics, and Mamiya RB67 cameras.

By default it is masked for a 6x9 frame, with additional markers for a 6x7 frame. Custom masks are available for 6x8, 6x7, 6x6, Instax Mini, and 135 Panoramic (to match the Mercury RB67 135 Pano kit).

The back includes a raised lip around it to enable easy fabrication of hoods or other accessories.

The Standard RS-0 model matches roll film backs and cut film holders.  The RS-20 and RS-30 versions are deeper match our Instax and other specialty backs.

If you need to use this at multiple depths for different types of backs, you can pair it with a Graflok 23 Spacer.

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