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70mm Long Roll Film Processing (5-15ft length)

70mm Long Roll Film Processing (5-15ft length)

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One roll of 70mm, up to 5-15ft in length.

Select your options above.  If you want the original film shipped back to you (instead of held or returned to your drop-off point), please add the "Return Shipping" item to your cart before you check out.  For ultra-short strips of 70mm from the Mercury 70mm sheet film holder, add "large format sheet film processing to your cart instead, and select the 65/70mm option. 

If shipping us your film, please review the procedure at  Ship it in an empty sheet film box or loaded in a sheet film holder.

If you wish to push or pull your film, please add "Special Processing" to your cart and also indicate on your order card/sheet.

If you would like us to return your film rerolled onto a bulk spool in a metal can, please add "Negative Return Bulk Can" to your processing order. 

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