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65mm Long Roll Film Processing (per 5ft length)

65mm Long Roll Film Processing (per 5ft length)

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We are the only lab in North America that processes 65mm (IMAX) motion picture film in its original form for still photographers. This film contains remjet and requires special processing and handling.

Our price is per 5ft of length.  You can send us your film in 5ft (220-length) sections (in original metal cassette or in our 65mm spool canister), or in longer sections (up to 13ft).

If you send us film that is longer than 5ft, make sure that you have added a quantity of this item to your order equal to the number of 5ft sections.  In this case, we will cut your film every 5ft.  We process in 5ft sections to minimize remjet contamination: the film is more structurally stable in shorter lengths (tighter spirals).

If we have to cut your film because it is longer than 5ft, be advised that this cut might fall within one of your images.  To avoid having images cut, you can add a blank frame at every 220 length section when shooting, or shoot 220 lengths only.

Select your options above.  If you want the original film shipped back to you (instead of held or returned to your drop-off point), please add the "Return Shipping" item to your cart before you check out.  For ultra-short strips of 65mm from the Mercury 65mm cut film holder, add "large format sheet film processing" to your cart instead, and select the 65/70mm option. 

If shipping us your film, please review the procedure at 

If you would like us to return your film rerolled onto bulk spool in a metal can, please add "Negative Return Bulk Can" to your processing order. This affords the best possible protection for your film.  Otherwise, we will re-spool it onto whatever spool you sent it to us on.

If you wish us to hold on to your negatives for M-Chrome slide printing, please contact us and let us know.  In this case, you do not need to add Return Shipping to your cart at this time.

Please note that all film with remjet involves some risk of remjet contamination in the form of off-color spotting somewhere on the emulsion.  Our procedures have been highly refined, and we are confident that you will see much cleaner results than from any other lab in the country, but shooting remjet film does require that you accept this risk of an occasional spot or smudge.

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