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Mamiya 70mm back vacuum attachment

Mamiya 70mm back vacuum attachment

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This aftermarket vacuum attachment connects to the vacuum port on the Mamiya RB67 70mm back (either stock or a Mercury upgraded one).  With this attached, squeezing the bulb (and then letting go) creates a vacuum seal inside the back, pulling your film tightly against the pressure plate.  This is the only way to achieve perfectly flat film in a rollfilm back.  Unlock your back's most advanced feature!

This works with both 70mm and 65mm film, and is particularly useful when your back has been sitting, loaded with film, for an extended period of time.  Normally this creates a great deal of warping (curl) on your film.  Activating this vacuum pump solves the problem!

Made with original Mamiya attachment tubing for an airtight fit to your back.  Supply is limited as a result.

Mamiya back not included.  Shown for informational purposes only.

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